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Welcome!!! This a community for the pairing of Peter/Susan, Edmund/Lucy, and things that have to deal with the actors of the 2005 movie of Narnia. (Such as the paring of Will/Anna or Skandar/ Georgie.)

Your admin. - brunette2313


1: Please stay on the topic. If it has nothing to do with Peter/Susan, Edmund/Lucy or the the actors from the movie, save it for some place else. If you post anything off topic, it will be deleted.

2: FanFiction---(P/S,E/L, Or The Actors)---Your post must include this:
Rating :
Summary: (so we can get a sense of what it is about)

Also, the Fic must be placed BEHIND AND LJ CUT! Please make sure that it is. And please make sure that it’s been spell-checked. It would be bad if someone read it and found many spelling errors.

3: Fan Art---(Topic Related)---The Post must be placed BEHIND AN LJ CUT. You can also put a teaser for the larger cuts.
Headers, drawings and such can be any size. Icons must be 100x100, and must follow the LJ guidelines. And if you wish to share a video please have a link to where we can watch it or have a link to where we can download it.

4: If any material used on a post does not belong to you, please credit the author. And don’t forget to get the right permission.

5: Any discussion that is started needs to be topic related.

Everything and anything is allowed from Fanfiction to Icons. But please keep them topic related.

Once you join this community, it would be nice you could introduce yourself. Just so the other members of the community can get to know you a bit more.

6: Please, try and be respectful. No bashing and such, alright? If this does happened you WILL be banned from this community.

7: Requests are allowed - strictly P/S,E/L, the actors of course.

Please keep these RULES in mind.


Any Questions? Comments? Or Help Tips and Hints?
You can contact me at SoLoL1019@yahoo.com.



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